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Mandiant's people and product approach to incident response differentiates the company from any other firm and has contributed to the company's dramatic growth over seven years. Mandiant's elite force of incident responders and forensic investigators bring to each breach investigation a unique blend of technical and investigative experience and offer leading incident response, malware analysis and incident response program development.

Mandiant is investing significantly in the delivery of next-generation threat detection and response through MCIRT, the Mandiant Computer Incident Response Team. MCIRT combines Mandiant's experience in advanced threat detection and response, exposure to diverse threat intelligence, revolutionary technology, and some of the best incident responders in the business. This combination provides customers with effective incident insight – from host to network – along with actionable intelligence.

Mandiant offers a comprehensive range of options for products and services: one-on-one phone support, a secure portal for customer-only access, and a fully interactive, web-based user forum for sharing company-client discussions/Q&A, Mandiant research, product and service updates, and 'freshness levels' assigned to relevant topics and issues.

Clients and other industry end-users benefit from Mandiant's detailed emergency incident response web page. This comprehensive, publicly available summary of incident response best practices helps customers and the broader industry prepare for and mitigate breach events.

M-unition, the company blog, delivers product and service announcements, reverse engineering analysis, and offers a wealth of news and information specific to company updates. Mandiant also offers popular user forums, information on Twitter and other forms of outreach to customers to maintain an exceptional customer service accountability.

The hallmark and commitment of Mandiant's R&D efforts and continued innovation is evidenced by eight free and popular forensic software offerings: Mandiant Redline, IOCe, Memoryze, MIR Lite-CDT, AuditViewer, Highlighter, Red Curtain and Web Historian. Mandiant R&D specialists and reverse malware engineers are encouraged to think outside the box and produce game-changing solutions that improve incident response and forensics technology.

Mandiant also offers professional training and education. Also offered are leading research tools, including: Mandiant Restore Point Analyzer, Find Evil, MindSniffer, Metasploit Forensic Framework and Heap Inspector.

At Black Hat 2011, 14 Mandiant experts conducted briefings that showcased breakthrough thought leadership and research from real world experiences. Collectively, 11 books have been authored by Mandiant employees, including Kevin Mandia, Richard Bejtlich and Jamie Butler, offering in-depth subject-matter expertise on incident response, hacking, malware, reverse engineering and forensics.

Since its founding in 2004, Mandiant's mission is to be the strongest incident response, computer forensics and IT security company. The mission starts with CEO Kevin Mandia's mantra: Do it right.

Mandiant announced in June a nearly $70 million strategic investment round led by One Equity Partners, the private investment arm of JP Morgan Chase, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Proceeds will be used to fuel expansion and scale the success of Mandiant Intelligent Response, an enterprise-scale incident response and forensics solution; MCIRT (Mandiant Computer Incident Response Team), led by Mandiant CSO Richard Bejtlich; and services with an industry-wide reputation for exceptional remediation and forensic investigation.

The knowledge Mandiant brings to the classroom is derived directly from the field. Mandiant instructors and course developers are highly respected active members of the Mandiant consulting team. They regularly respond to computer security incidents, conduct forensic examinations and work with clients to secure their networks and online infrastructure through vulnerability and network assessments. Mandiant's first-hand field experience and qualifications as information security trainers provide course attendees with the best training in the industry.

Mandiant education also continues online as hundreds of practitioners gather each month for Mandiant's live State-of-the-Hack and Fresh Prints of Malware webinar series, spotlighting solutions for the most pressing industry challenges.

Customers report finding value in Mandiant products and services by having better insight into what is happening within their networks and being better prepared to handle a breach when it occurs.

The implementation of best practices to reduce response time and a return to normal business operations saves money, time and reputation damage. Mandiant customers are better prepared to tackle advanced threats and any resulting breaches through better intelligence sharing and effective execution of incident response and forensic best practices.

Customers provide feedback, suggestions and ideas through the Customer Advisory Board, outstanding 24/7 support, user forums, Mandiant's annual conference: MIRCon, and active communication with more than 2,600 influential Twitter followers.

Mandiant offers enterprise and government organizations the critical intelligence, technology, products and services to fight today's advanced threats head-on.


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Nominees should be the tried-and-true, longer-standing companies that have been offering products and services to customers for at least three years. Nominations can come from all sectors. Areas that will be accounted for in the judging process include: product line strength, customer base, customer service/support, research and development, company growth and solvency, innovation and more.