Past Winners

Kaspersky Lab Americas for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows Workstations Winner Winner

The core challenge in today’s environment isn’t that there are no tools available, it’s that each individual tool adds to the complexity users face when trying to implement security policies. Businesses need to re¬duce the number of tools used and number of consoles man¬aged, so they can get back to focusing on their core business competencies. With Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8, customers can protect data, improve over¬all efficiency and secure mobile computing with encryption and device management. By combining multiple technologies into a single, centrally-managed solution, Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows Workstations offerns an extensive set of tools to ensure security and control over an array of applications, devices and web content. Kaspersky features range from a ready-to-use template to granular policy controls, all of which help administrators customize Kaspersky’s solution to their own organizations’ unique needs, thus simplify¬ing the user experience while providing extensive security and management.

In addition to anti-malware, Kaspersky Lab’s solution man-ages software vulnerabilities, provides data encryption in case laptops are lost or stolen and provides security for smart¬phones and tablets. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 provides all this functionality from a single pane of glass and is built from the same code-base to work together, providing a sig¬nificantly easier user experience and true value to the customer. Kaspersky Lab continues to make major investments in R&D to develop in-house new technologies to strengthen its portfolio. All its technologies are built from the same code base and work together seam-lessly, not cobbled together on the backend. The result is solutions that are more efficient and easier to manage.