Past Winners

McAfee, an Intel company, for McAfee Database Security Solution Winner Winner

Databases store information, the crown jewels of today’s organizations. For this reason, they are targeted in the overwhelming majority of breach attempts by external hackers and malicious insiders. Perimeter security and the security features of native database management systems (DBMS) prove insufficient as the critical last line of defense for the sensitive, valuable information that databases hold. McAfee Database Security offers real-time, reliable protection for business-critical databases against external, internal and even intra-database threats. This non-intrusive, software-only solution requires no architectural changes, database downtime or additional security management silos. With this tool, organizations of all sizes can gain complete visibility into their overall database landscape and security posture, fully align their security policy administration practices and efficiently maintain regulatory compliance.

By delivering a complete family of products, fully integrated through McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator’s dashboard, McAfee significantly simplifies the deployment and monitoring of the security infrastructure. McAfee Database Activity Monitoring requires no changes to the database itself and no configuration changes to the network, and yet can provide real-time alerting or session termination with minimal overhead. The memory-based sensor model catches threats from all potential sources, including privileged users, and the fully distributed architecture also can be deployed in virtualized environments and in the cloud. McAfee Virtual Patching for Databases identifies and blocks attempts to exploit known vulnerabilities on unpatched servers, as well as common threat vectors of many zero-day attacks.