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Proofpoint for Proofpoint Enterprise Protection/Enterprise Privacy Winner Winner

An increasingly complex regulatory environment, a heightened awareness of data leakage risks, and a rising tide of increasingly malicious and hard-to-detect email threats (e.g., spear phishing attacks, which are at the root of many high-profile breaches) this past year has heightened enterprise concerns around email content management. These concerns are driving increased demand for both inbound and outbound email security solutions. Proofpoint Enterprise addresses this market with a solution that delivers unified inbound/outbound email security, data leakage prevention and email encryption features. The solution is designed to meet the security and performance demands of even the largest enterprises and Proofpoint's fast-growing customer base, includes the world's largest companies.

Proofpoint is one of the only vendors in the market to offer all gateway email security delivery models. Proofpoint uniquely offers an ECM suite that can be deployed as SaaS ("public cloud"), on-premises virtual ("private cloud"), on-premises appliances or in hybrid-SaaS/on-premises configurations with identical features and functions, controlled by the same graphical administration interface.

Proofpoint makes it easy for customers to manage inbound email and outbound policies for both email and HTTP – the two most critical data loss vectors – from one location. Accurate content analysis, wide variety of dispositions, support for multiple routes/channels, and the ability to enforce different policies at global, group and individual levels make for a powerful, flexible system.

The solution offers integrated, policy-based encryption, with outstanding ease-of-use, simple SaaS-based key management, optimized for mobile devices.

As Gartner notes, "[Proofpoint's] web-based management interface is one of the best in this market, with numerous innovations and unique features."

Deploying these solutions improves security, protects confidential and regulated data, simplifies the messaging environment and enables secure mobile communication.

Proofpoint delivers superior anti-spam effectiveness (typically 99.8 percent) blocking more spam, spear phishing and other forms of malicious email than competing solutions.

Data leakage prevention (DLP) capabilities automatically detect a wide variety of private information (including information regulated by HIPAA/HITECH, PCI-DSS, GLBA, SarbOx and other data protection regulations) and block, quarantine or apply encryption as appropriate (deeply customizable by the customer) with full reporting on actions taken.

Administration interface allows easy creation and enforcement of messaging policies that can be customized at individual/group/global levels.

Proofpoint's inbound protection, DLP and encryption capabilities work across the entire enterprise email system – including desktops and mobile devices.

Proofpoint's SaaS-based solutions greatly reduce costs and complexity involved in stopping inbound threats and guarding against data leaks. In SaaS deployments, overall TCO reduction can be greater than 30 percent. Clayton Homes's Information Security Manager, Jodie Swafford told SC Magazine, "[Proofpoint's] cloud-based model frees us from having to provide operational support, maintenance, patching, upgrades and regulatory changes. Proofpoint's intuitive design and minimal customization requirements presented us with a low learning curve."

The company's highly mobile workforce can now securely send and receive emails, regardless of platform, including sensitive info such as home financing, manufacturing and proprietary designs. Users are actually encouraged to use mobile devices including iPad/iPhone.

Proofpoint's cloud-enabled solutions bring the benefits of SaaS even to on-premises deployments through features that include the Proofpoint Dynamic Update Service, cloud-enabled Proofpoint Encryption, Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation (connection management).

In addition to the Clayton Homes example, Scottsdale Health provides another. Scottsdale Health Care had 5,000 poorly-protected email accounts when it first approached Proofpoint. To comply with HIPAA/HITECH regulations, it needed both inbound protection, DLP and policy-based encryption solutions. As a business, it needed a solution that could easily be deployed and maintained. Using Proofpoint, Scottsdale Health Care immediately saw tremendous decreases in spam volumes. Furthermore, they were pleased the solution did not bog down IT administration or require frequent help desk support. IT administrators now receive fewer phone calls from employees concerned about spam or unauthorized emails. When there is a question, Scottsdale Health Care IT is able to pinpoint the problem and remediate it on the spot using Proofpoint's reporting and logging tools. By deploying a cloud-based, SaaS solution for HIPAA compliance, Scottsdale Health Care not only improved compliance, safeguarding employee and patient records, but has reduced costs in the process.

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These products may filter email messages based on content, source or other criteria. Direction of flow may be either to the organization, from the organization or both. These products are enterprise-centric and should have, but are not required to have, some form of centralized management. They may include spam filters, junk mail filters, malware filters, unauthorized content (sometimes called “extrusion protection” or “data leakage protection”), phishing and other types of undesirable content. However, these are not simply anti-spam filters.