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One of the most versatile authentication platform on the market, Entrust IdentityGuard enables organizations to implement strong authentication to employees, partner, contractors and authorized third parties – and only when it makes sense.

It offers one of the widest ranges of strong authentication options on the market today, which includes physical or non-physical approaches, and can be transparent to users or take advantage of existing mobile devices.

It represents a more affordable approach to deploying a wide range of authentication capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional, single-purpose solutions.

Too, it provides flexibility to tailor authentication to user preference, transaction risk and cost. And, minimizes user impact, enabling a choice of authentication methods and only performing authentication when needed to reduce risk.

Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile helps enterprises strongly authenticate end-users without requiring specialized security hardware, such as one-time-passcode (OTP) hardware tokens.

Efficient and non-invasive for end-users, Entrust IdentityGuard is an award-winning strong authentication solution that is affordable for wide-scale enterprise deployment. The platform, which offers one of the widest ranges of authenticators on the market, easily integrates with existing environments and minimizes the impact of security on employees, customers and partners. The platform approach allows customer to deploy a range of different authenticators based on the unique requirements of various user communities through one web-based management console. The associated Entrust IdentityGuard Self Service Module allows users to securely manage many aspects of their account to reduce administrative strain.

Entrust is also one of the only vendors to offer three distinct and highly effective methods of addressing man-in-the-browser attacks – behavioral and transactional fraud detection, SMS authentication with transaction details, and now mobile out-of-band transaction verification and signature.

The tool easily fits into any enterprise architecture and integrates with leading technology providers (e.g., Cisco, Check Point, Juniper, Citrix), via standards-based technology, allowing seamless strong authentication to VPNs, Microsoft Windows desktops and corporate extranets.

Companies today must provide strong authentication for a variety of different groups: internal employees, contractors, partners, customers, etc. The usability requirements, associated risk and the cost can be quite different for these various groups. The flexibility of the Entrust IdentityGuard platform and the range of authenticators means that companies do not need to buy several different solutions to meet their authentication requirements. The range of authenticators, including Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile, eGrids, digital certificates, credit card-sized display cards and SMS soft tokens, allows companies to choose the authentication method most appropriate for the users at the right price points for the company.

When an employee or partner accesses a corporate network through an extranet, remote access gateway (VPN) or Microsoft Windows desktop, they have effectively opened a door to the organization's most sensitive assets, intellectual property and customer data. The security of the network and desktops are only as strong as the authentication method implemented, highlighting the importance of executing this properly. Username and passwords have been proven to be ineffective protection against fraudulent access to the network. Second-factor authentication has become an essential component of any company having an online presence. Entrust IdentityGuard allows companies to protect their intellectual property, comply with industry regulations and enable customers while protecting their intellectual property. The range of authenticators allows an organization to match the right authenticator based on the associated risk, usability requirements and cost.

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Products provide enhanced security to end-users or devices by offering credentials for access to an authenticator or authentication server. Software and hardware that specializes in the biometric authentication of users is also included here. These solutions may use a tangible device (something you have) for authentication, and knowledge (something you know) for authentication. For biometrics, the solution provides identification and authentication using any of the following methods: finger/thumb print/retinal scan/voice recognition/ hand/palm geometry/facial recognition.