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Today's threat landscape is dynamic, evolving and includes organized groups creating sophisticated attacks that specifically target the security weaknesses of their business target. Enterprises want to protect their business against the multitude of threats while simplifying their security deployment and reducing their total security costs.

The Check Point IPS Software Blade provides complete, integrated, next-generation firewall intrusion prevention capabilities at multi-gigabit speeds, resulting in industry-leading IPS security and performance. The IPS Software Blade provides complete threat coverage for clients, servers, OS and other vulnerabilities, malware/worm infections, and more. The Multi-Tier Threat Detection Engine combines signatures, protocol validation, anomaly detection, behavioral analysis, and other methods, including identity and application awareness, to provide the highest levels of network IPS protection. By quickly filtering 90 percent of incoming traffic without requiring deep inspection, the IPS engine inspects for attacks only on relevant sections of the traffic, thus reducing overhead and increasing accuracy.

The Check Point Software Blade Architecture and the IPS Software Blade help customers increase their security, reduce their security complexity, while also reducing total security costs.

The business and technical advantages include unmatched flexibility and expandability. The Software Blade Architecture and the IPS Software Blade allows customers to deploy more security, while simplifying their environment and reducing costs. The tools ensure network business operations are safe and run smoothly while dramatically cutting costs.

Further, the solution simplifies management. The IPS management is integrated into and follows the familiar usage paradigm of Check Point management, thus reducing the "extra" non-integrated management from an IPS point product.

Simply click a box to enable the IPS Software Blade, push one of the predefined, out-of-the-box IPS policy profiles and IPS is running.

The IPS Software Blade leverages a sophisticated engine that uses multiple methods of detection and analysis to detect bad traffic, and IPS Update Service delivers leading IPS coverage, including the company's industry leading coverage of Microsoft applications.

Deploying the IPS Software Blade dramatically reduces the complexity of customer network security infrastructure by reducing their hardware footprint, rack space, cabling, cooling and power consumption.

It helps customers dramatically reduce their total cost of acquiring and operating an IPS system on their network.

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Products in this category monitor networks for malicious
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Typically, they are for enterprise deployments, moving
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